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Since 1999, Platinum Advertising has offered marketing and sales expertise to both Telecom and Energy Service companies, with a complete understanding of the sensitive nature in procuring quality long-lasting customers. As an innovative marketing firm, we have been instrumental in helping over 40 clients increase their overall market share.

"We tailor our services to our clients needs to ensure customer satisfaction and longevity."

Platinum Advertising specializes in customer service, customer retention as well as customer acquisition by using a variety of techniques such as telemarketing, web sales, retail marketing, and door-to-door sales. We pride ourselves on our focus and dedication to customers in addition to providing limitless opportunities for our clients to grow.

Meet the owner

Bill Siveter

  • - Founder and CEO of Platinum Advertising
  • - Industry expert and leader
  • - Award winning Entrepreneur
  • - With almost 2 decades of experience

Mr. Siveter has a wide range of experience in the Direct Marketing industry. Bill started his career selling newspaper subscriptions at the young age of 14. Although he was young, his manager recognized his exceptional sales and managerial abilities and quickly promoted him to assistant manager. At the age of 16, Bill was again promoted to head manager of his team. At age 18, Bill recognized he had a knack for outside sales and marketing and decided that his life mission would be to help create the one opportunity for entrepreneurs in the United States.

He quickly took it upon himself to recruit, train, motivate, and teach leadership skills to as many entrepreneurs as possible. He knew that this was a market that he could excel in and in which he could help other people ultimately reach their financial and personal goals. Today Bill has helped many sales agents earn significant six-figure annual incomes. He felt the need to create easily duplicated systems that would allow individuals to readily take advantage of success traits that were developed by Platinum Advertising and other successful visionaries. These systems are what have allowed Bill to stay in the Direct Marketing industry for almost an entire generation. These systems have also made it possible for others in the network to grow their personal wealth, enjoy a premiere lifestyle, and provide for their families.

Platinum Staff

  • Platinum Advertising takes extensive measures when recruiting new employees to join our team. All agents are pre-screened and must pass a nationwide background check, drug testing, as well as written & oral testing.
  • We only provide top quality sales representatives for each campaign we manage by offering daily outside sales training, compliance meetings, and webinars that are available through our online tools.
  • Platinum Advertising agents are trained by the best professional team available with a combined 75 years of management experience in sales, energy, and telecom services. We also supply our team with weekly management and training classes to keep them up to date on the latest sales and advertising techniques and changes in the industry.

James Egan

  • - Chief Operating Officer

James began his career in Direct Marketing with Platinum as an entry level sales representative in early 2002. He quickly rose through the ranks breaking multiple sales and training records opening his first office in March of 2003. Over the next several years James’ main function with the company was to travel to different locations across the country to both jump start new markets as well as visit existing locations to help increase productivity. Currently James serves as Platinum’s Chief Operating Officer overseeing a variety of functions including but not limited to client relations and large commercial sales.

During his 8 year tenure James has proven to be a tremendous asset to Platinum. His experience both in the field and behind the scenes gives him a unique perspective on the current marketplace and makes him an invaluable addition to the leadership team. James holds a B.S. in Information Technology with a minor in Marketing from LaSalle University.

Ben Alexander

  • - Director of Business Development

Ben Alexander holds a degree in Economics and has worked with many diverse companies throughout his career: Mutual Of Omaha, First Energy, Toyota, and many others. Happily married with 2 daughters, Mr. Alexander is also active in Rotary International and sits on the executive board for Rotary’s Camp Florida. In his tenure as the president of the local Rotary club it became the fastest growing club in the state of Florida! This past year he traveled to Honduras with Rotary International to install water filtration systems in conjunction with Pure Water for the World. In 2003 he started an entertainment company that currently books performers into restaurants about 18,000 times a year nationally. Working with his tech team Mr. Alexander invented a unique online scheduling system that helped his entertainment company became the largest enterprise within that market niche anywhere in the United States.

Most recently Mr. Alexander has joined the Platinum Leadership Team as the Director of Business Development. In this role he will represent Platinum all over the United States and take an active role in shaping Platinum’s long term growth strategy as the company transitions from a mid-size to a large firm. Here is his vision for Platinum in his own words:

“Platinum is poised to become the largest full-service marketing firm in the country. With our strategic and long term partnerships with our clients, along with our diverse and talented sales team that represents Platinum throughout the country there is no limit to our potential. We have already proven that we can secure hundreds of thousands of NEW customers for almost any firm that wisely decides to use our services. The next step is to broaden our offerings by reaching out to more potential clients and showing them the effectiveness of a Platinum marketing team working hard in their region.”

Krystal Little

  • - Executive Operations Manager

Krystal began her career with Platinum Advertising as the administrator for one of our Philadelphia locations in early 2004. Her responsibilities included agent maintenance ad placement quality assurance calls and data entry among a vast number of other duties. After many years of loyalty, hard work, and dedication Krystal was relocated to Platinum’s corporate office and promoted to Executive Office Coordinator.

Krystal now oversees all agents on boarding procedures for 59 offices across the country. She is instrumental in the day to day procedures of activating new agents while ensuring that every applicant meets the strict standards set by each individual client.

Jessica Haddad

  • - Senior Compliance Officer

Jessica serves as our Senior Compliance Officer where she is responsible for overseeing the quality assurance team and developing and executing procedures. Her duties include but are not limited to communicating the most current procedures to all offices and their management teams to ensure continual compliance and meet our clients’ standards. Jessica is also Platinum’s main point of contact for all commercial and industrial sales.

Jessica began her career with Platinum as a Quality Assurance Agent in 2010. She has since held several key roles within the company. Jessica holds a B.A. in English and is currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

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