Platinum Opportunities

Here at Platinum Advertising we take pride in the culture that exists amongst our network. It takes loyalty consistency and leadership to have a successful management team. These are qualities that we instill in every new agent that joins our network. If you are seeking the opportunity to grow in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment with unlimited earning potential, then a career with Platinum is right for you.

We are currently hiring face to face sales representatives in various cities across the country. Full and part time positions available...

Skills and Requirements

  • ~ Outstanding people skills
  • ~ Previous customer services experience
  • ~ Excellent written and verbal communication
  • ~ Organization and time management skills
  • ~ Willingness to learn
  • ~ Professional and neat appearance
  • ~ Positive attitude
  • ~ Must be able to successfully pass a background check

Entry Level and Senior Management Positions

As with any growing network, the possibility of management is always available. Do you have experience marketing for Energy and/or Telecom clients? Platinum is constantly expanding and moving into new markets. In order to keep up this level of growth we need talented, experienced individuals who know how to not only sell, but lead, teach and motivate others to do the same.

Master Agent Program

The number one key to success in the Direct Marketing industry for any organization is the strength of your sales force. By joining the Platinum team as a Master Agent, you will be able to focus on just that, improving your sales teams! In addition to having access to a long list of clients in markets across the country, Platinum has tremendous back office capabilities.

  • ~ Agent maintenance and tracking including background checking
  • ~ Payroll Processing
  • ~ Sales tracking and reporting
  • ~ Quality Assurance department that contacts all customers and provides each manager with detailed reporting and honest feedback from customers
  • ~ Extensive database that can provide detailed statistics on one agent or an entire organization

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