Platinum's Mission

Platinum has two very distinct, simple goals:

  • Continue to provide excellent service for our clients and customers alike
  • To make our clients the largest and most profitable in their respective industries

Quality Assurance:

  • At Platinum Advertising we pride ourselves on the extensive quality assurance measures we take with each campaign.
  • We are dedicated to following up with our customers to lower churn, keep complaint ratios to a minimum, and retain as many quality customers as possible.
  • Customers are directed to an independent 3rd party verification company to confirm over the phone that the customer is fully informed and aware while our agent is still onsite.
  • Within 72 hours of the customer’s enrollment our QA department conducts a follow up phone call to confirm a positive sales experience. Detailed reporting is provided to the clients upon request.
  • We maintain a current knowledge of and abide by presiding State Laws.

Providing Qualified Agents:

  • Platinum Advertising provides quality agents that are highly trained and experienced in face-to-face sales as well as all client material. Our agents are badged and uniformed according to client specifications in order to appear more professional to potential customers.
  • We also initiated the “Day of Opportunity” which is a specialized training method that requires each new agent to accompany a manager in the field to see customer interaction, gain useful knowledge from an experienced sales agent, and also to take notes on possible techniques that could be implemented once in the field.
  • We also provide our agents with a mapping program and a custom built, lead generating software program that is easily accessible through our online tools. We also collect all program materials daily to begin processing all paperwork immediately.
  • Our agents are trained in a team environment with onsite management readily available to maintain quality, customer satisfaction, maximize territory, and handle all issues promptly.
  • All campaigns are individually tailored to the clients’ specifications.

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