Our Vision

"As CEO of the company, our future goals are to create a network of successful individuals who are not motivated by greed or trickery but are humble, teachable, learnable, hardworking, and most of all, honorable. This network will one day be the largest Direct Marketing firm in the world, will have the highest earning Independent Sales Agents, and the most talented and successful leaders helping to mold the lives, attitudes, and mindset of future generations."
   - Bill Siveter

Our Goals

  • Platinum Advertising focuses on giving our agents the best sales, networking and management training to ensure a knowledgeable repeat customer. We provide our agents with daily training classes in sales techniques and compliance so they are fully trained in successful sales presentations and how to handle customer objections.
  • Quality customer service is one of our main goals. We strive for customer satisfaction and we aim to attain quality customers over quantity; because a happy customer guarantees repeat business and the potential for growth. Due to this approach we have implemented extensive quality control measures that has resulted in one of the lowest customer churn ratios in the industry.
  • Since our conception, Platinum Advertising has focused on the most effective face-to-face sales and networking techniques and has acquired over 400,000 new customers for our clients.

Where's your future business?

  • With Platinum Advertising your future success is our future. Platinum strives to become the top Advertising agency nationwide for your business big or small.
  • Platinum Advertising is expanding quickly to ensure the largest quality customer base for our clients and will continue to improve only the best techniques in the business to exceed your goals.

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