What our clients are saying

“The Platinum team is good at molding to their Clients’ processes while still achieve telesales objectives and goals.”

~ Jennifer Cunningham, Marketing Manager at Clearview Electric, Inc.

“Platinum hires qualified and dedicated sales agents that always exceed result expectations and provide a positive customer experience.”

~ Dan Major, President & CEO at Family Energy

“We have had an outstanding relationship with the entire Platinum team. They are a cohesive team that has gelled over the many years of working together. Everyone at Platinum works together to help ensure a solid customer interaction and a quality sale. We feel honored to have had the ability to work with Bill and his staff on a daily basis.”

~ Robert Holdsworth, Sr. Director, Direct Sales at Constellation New Energy

“IGS Energy’s partnership with Platinum has been a key driver in our success and rapid growth. Their industry expertise, top flight leadership and keen focus on quality across the board make them a perfect match for us today and into the future.”

~ Scot Burris, Director of Choice Marketing at IGS Energy

“WGES and Platinum have worked hand in hand for the last several years on growing the WGES service territory in the Mid-Atlantic region. Platinum has been a great team player and valuable asset in making this happen.”

~ Keith Korin, Field Operation, Supervisor at Washington Gas Energy Services

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